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A kid on the playground has to choose what side he's on...

The long con and the short game. That's life in the criminal underworld.

Allen Walker from D. Gray-man

Alternate Universe Details

There was once a question, which branched out into further questions before ending up here. The exorcists and Noah are two sides of a coin, who's to say what's good and what's evil? Throw in a little White Collar, the 21st century, and a prevailing belief in science over faith, and you have a modern thief AU.

- Takes place in the 21st century
- There is no Innocence, nor is there a secret papal community in charge of keeping the world safe from harm
- The Black Order is a 'network' for criminals trying to fence goods or hire services
- The Noah are a crime syndicate, some of which have rather powerful ties

Personal History
Allen was abandoned on the streets of London, England when he was a child of two*. Luckily, he was found and eventually taken in by Mana. (There are papers. A full adoption process and everything.) A tottering Allen was taught the basics in pick-pocketing and petty theft. As a child, Allen wouldn't actively participate in heists, instead serving as a convenient distraction. Life was a constant state of travel. Seeing the country side from old battered cars -bought or stolen- and riding the trains. Going from one motel room to the next and the dust of the road in between. This was his life until he was six, when Mana was run over by a speeding car -- he was killed instantly. In the commotion, Allen slipped off, and survived on the streets for three months before he was found by Marion Cross.

With Cross around, who needed Carmen Sandiego?

An acquaintance of Mana, Cross decided to take him in since having another set of hands could be useful. It was under his tutelage that he learned the finer skills of the trade: slipping into roles, lock picking and most of all - staying unnoticed. Cross's taste ran towards the extravagant; he played for high stakes and high payout. His targets of choice included art pieces, and whenever the urge arose, expensive cars.

By the time Allen was fifteen, Cross cut him loose, leaving him with only an address and the keys to one of his safe houses scattered about around the globe. Whether Allen went back to the streets drifting, or go see if the Black Order had any jobs that suited him was his choice - but he'd better live his own life.

* Allen's actual age is approximate. He was found on Christmas Day, huddled against a wall in an alley by Mana.

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